Father John Campoli, I.V.Dei

His Love Ministries

           Inspired by our calling, we aim to bring people to a deeper understanding of how much God loves them.






His Love Ministries is an International Ministry of healing and renewal in the Roman Catholic tradition.


Founded in 1983 by Father John F. Campoli, I.V.Dei,   the members of the ministry have conducted healing Masses, Retreats, Parish Missions and Days of Recollection in the United States, England, Ireland, Trinidad, Belize and the Middle East.


In 1989, Mary Buckman joined Father John as a partner in ministry. In 1993, Mary founded On Angels Wings, which directs the various outreach programs of the ministry.


When Father Campoli is asked to give a brief summary of the objectives of the Ministry, he would say that he tries to bring people to an understanding that “God is love, love is mercy, mercy is forgiveness and forgiveness heals.”





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