Welcome to our ministry of Healing and Renewal. Never forget that you are God's chosen  child who He loves more than you could ever imagine. In an attempt to spread this message, we hold Masses with Healing Services, Retreats, Parish Missions and Pilgrimages to religious sites aroun the world.
I invite you to join us at some of our programs.
Please keep me and the members of our ministry in your prayers and know that you have a daily remembrance in ours.
God love you,
Fr. John Campoli, I.V.Dei

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His Love Ministries

Rev. John Campoli, i.v.dei

What is a full life?  It’s a lot more than family, friends, a good marriage, meaningful employment.  As good as these things are, they cannot by themselves make our lives full to the greatest extent.  For this we ourselves need to be filled with the source of goodness and love, creative power, and ever-lasting remembrance.  For this we need a life steeped in a lively and active relationship with and love for Jesus Christ.  Christ came to remake us, and to transform us in ways beyond our understanding.  Christ came to make us new men and women, filled with life here and in the world to come. Christ came to let us know that we are loved by the Father as if we were the only person he ever made.