His Love Ministries

Rev. John Campoli, i.v.dei


 Prayer For Healing

 Lord Jesus, through the love of the    Father and the power of the Holy Spirit fill my life with the gift of healing.    Remove from me any fear that blocks my awareness of your caring presence.

Reach into my heart and heal any hurt that has broken it. Every pain that I have caused to another heart . . . Heal that pain as well. Any relationship in my life that has been damaged . . . Heal those relationships. Give me the courage to be an Instrument of your peace.

Radiate my spirit with healing for all spiritual cancers—criticism, complaint, and control. Heal me of anything that would keep others from seeing your presence in my life.

Touch me Jesus in mind, body and spirit, in all the ways I need it the most.

If it is God’s will for me, grant the physical and emotional healings I seek. But, most of all, grant me a loving heart and the resolve to accept the answers you give to my prayer, knowing that you are always faithful to the promise . . .That in all things God works for the good of those who love him.


Pilgrimage to Croatia, Italy and Switzerland

April 29 - May 11, 2019

$3799 per person


Our Pilgrimage to Israel March 2018

Welcome to our ministry of Healing and Renewal. Never forget that you are God's chosen  child who He loves more than you could ever imagine. In an attempt to spread this message, we hold Masses with Healing Services, Retreats, Parish Missions and Pilgrimages to religious sites aroun the world.
I invite you to join us at some of our programs.
Please keep me and the members of our ministry in your prayers and know that you have a daily remembrance in ours.
God love you,
Fr. John Campoli, I.V.Dei