His Love Ministries

Rev. John Campoli, i.v.dei

A Prayer for Those Who  Desire a Child

Father, in Heaven, I come to you and I beg you to hear my prayers. Please protect this beautiful child, your creation, so wonderfully made. I know  that you have a plan for each one of us. We are unique in your sight. I long to be one with you and to surrender to your will but I so love this baby who is so precious, unique and unrepeatable. Please Lord, help me and hear my prayer. I come before you in all humility for you are my hope, my life and my salvation. Help me to feel your presence in my life. I need to feel your love. I join my prayers with those who are interceding for this child and I hold them up before you. In the name of Jesus I beg for your mercy. . Mary and Joseph we implore your protection and prayers.  Amen

A Parent's Prayer

In the fall of 1998 we had come to Sacred Heart Church in New Brunswick, New Jersey to celebrate a mass and healing service. Following the service we were approached by dear friends asking if we would please go to St. Peter’s Hospital to pray for their brand new grandchild who was born prematurely. Her Mom was in an automobile accident and was severely injured and her newborn had arrived three months before the due date. We immediately went to the hospital. We were allowed to go into the infant intensive care unit and we were amazed to see many, many babies there. Aside from our dear little Lili, there were numerous other infants hooked up to equipment and struggling for life. I asked at the desk if we were in the trauma ward for the area and they said “No, that is at Robert Wood Johnson.” We were stunned. So many newborns struggling for life and for each one a mother and father filled with fear and desperation. How could we reach them, how could we let them know that we truly cared and that God loved them and was there with them. This presented a challenge. It is difficult for anyone to understand God’s hand in a situation like this but somehow we knew there had to be a way of helping them in this crisis.

Mary’s Mother was living with her at the time and we remembered her knitting hats for infants. We thought, if we could gather people to pray and knit we could send the hats to the infants saying that this hat was made with prayers for your baby. One thing led to another. The ministry grew to touch children of all ages. We purchased teddy bears and began to make clothes for the teddies and pray while we made them. We began sending them to the children and then they would write back and send us pictures...thus came the album...We put the pictures in the album and continued to pray for our little ones. We now take the pictures and prayer requests on the pilgrimages and we place them on the altar when mass is celebrated. The ministry keeps on growing. We now have groups of people knitting and crocheting all kinds of things. We are reaching out to Senior Centers with the directions and asking them to help us. There are now so many people praying for these children that God is blessing us over and over!

Children's Outreach

We pray and we ask you Hannah to join us in the prayer that a child may be born to us.  We read of your sorrow in the Bible before you conceived Samuel and we can feel your pain, for we have experienced it.  We too have so wanted to conceive a child and time after time we have not had this miracle touch our lives.  We are asking you Hannah to please stand with us and take our petition to the Heavenly Throne of God the Father.

 We know too, Hannah, that when you finally could take no more you surrendered to God.  It was in that surrender that you found peace.  We are finding it difficult to do that.  We need the grace in our lives to allow God to be God, to allow Him to use our lives according to His plan.  We want a child so badly.  We have to trust God and believe that He loves us so much.  We need the courage and the grace to allow Him to use our lives as He wishes, even if it means that we do not conceive.

Please Dear Hannah, pray for us in our distress.  Pray for us to be all that we are called to be; please pray for our peace.  If it is all possible please intercede with the Father for us to bear a child, but if that is not God’s plan for us, pray that we have the strength to accept his will with peace and love in our hearts.  May we live our lives for God and to do all He asks of us.