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A Prayer for Healing


Lord Jesus, through the love of the Father and the power of the Holy Spirit, fill my life with the gift of healing. Remove from me any fear that blocks my awareness of your caring presence.


Reach into my heart and heal any hurt that has broken it. Every pain that I have caused to another heart . . . Heal that pain as well. Any relationship in my life that has been damaged . . . Heal those relationships. Give me the courage to be an instrument of your peace.


Radiate my spirit with healing for all spiritual cancers—criticism, complaint, and control. Heal me of anything that would keep others from seeing your presence in my life.


Touch me, Jesus, in mind, body, and spirit, in all the ways I need it the most. If it is God’s will for me, grant the physical and emotional healings I seek. But, most of all, grant me a loving heart and the resolve to accept the answers you give to my prayer, knowing that you are always faithful to the promise . . .That in all things, God works for the good of those who love him


A Prayer for the Healing of Others


      Please touch them, Lord Jesus, from the top of their heads to the tip of their toes with Your healing.  Touch them, Lord Jesus, in mind, in body, and in spirit.


                        Fill them.  Fill them with Your power, Lord.  In the power of Your holy name, the power of the name which brings all healing, just touch them now.


                        Oh, Lord Jesus, touch their bodies, soak away pain, strengthen the immune system, purify the bloodstream, and radiate tumors and clear blockages.  Touch all of the organs, Lord, the bones, the muscles.  Strengthen their eyes, Lord.  Give them the eyes of faith, Lord, to see Your presence, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity on the altar and also in their sisters and brothers because that's Your presence as well, Lord.  Give them the eyes of faith.  Touch their ears, Lord, not only for physical hearing but particularly that they might hear You speak your words of love to them.  Oh, Lord Jesus, whatever their bodies need, I ask You to grant it now.

Grant release from any type of disease, regulate blood pressure, diabetes, Lord.  Touch people with nervous disorders, Alzheimer's, Lord.  Just touch people with memory loss and any type of deficiencies, Lord.  Just put their bodies into harmony, Lord.  Lord, I beg right now that you give a release from any addictive or compulsive behavior.  Any addiction, Lord, just take it away from them.  I ask You, Lord, that you heal broken hearts, hearts torn apart through death, divorce, separation, and loneliness.  I ask You to bring families together, Lord.  I ask You to help these sisters and brothers of ours live in the reality of the present moment, free from fear and worry.  To let go of the burdens of the past.  Give them the grace, Lord, to accept the real healing of being able to forgive themselves because so often, our own unforgiveness keeps us from seeing You in our life.  Oh, Lord Jesus, whatever type of healing they need, mind, body, or spirit, I beg you to grant it right now.

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